Garage Theater Company is a theater group from Qom, Iran, researching and practicing in the field of theatre laboratory. The group attempts to develop these techniques and vernacularize them in order to give them a native identity. Garage Theater Company believes that a play, like a vehicle in an auto shop, should be diagnosed and repaired. Even though the vehicle is able to move forward, it needs care and troubleshooting. During each training period, the group members prepare exercises and workshops for developing acting methods in order to utilize different potentialities of text and contextualization. .


Garage Theater among the eleven finalists of the Ellen Stewart International Award Feb 04, 2018

Garage Theater in 36th International Fadjr Festival with two work demonstration Jan 17, 2018

bak Performance performed in Qom; “End of Esfand, Minus four ” is the first revision of this performance May 06, 2017

VU 04 performed! May 01, 2017