Garage Theater is a theater company from Qom, Iran. Garage Theater researches in the field of Laboratory theater. This company has operated under the title of Garage since 2007. Before that, it has worked under the names of Gal Art and Doreshahr; this goes back to 2005.

The main work of Garage Theater is researching in the field of anthropology of culture, analyzing the behavior of an actor and developing the capabilities of his/her body and voice; something which we call extra-daily techniques.

The philosophy behind the name Garage goes back to the early years of their work. Two of three initial members worked in the field of software development, and in the world of software and hardware ‘Garage’ refers to independent companies that start their work in a garage. Another reason that added weight to this is the group’s interest in Meyerhold, and his particular vision for montage in the process of creating a performance; that an actor’s body and movements are like parts of a machine, and garage is the place for configuration and montage