Core members of Garage Theater are the ones that have been with Garage for more than five years. Being a core member does not mean only working with Garage and not collaborating with other groups. Being a core member means affecting the decisions that Garage makes. All activities in Garage Theater is accepted or rejected based on the votes of the core members.
The core members are:

Ali Masoudi

Co-Founder and Director

Born in Qom/Iran
He works in the group as the director, playwright, and musician. He was the director in all the Garage projects. ‘Developing acting methods’ and ‘poetic performance as opposed to classical drama’ are his interests.

Hamed Gaini

Co-Founder and Chief Executive

Born in Qom/Iran
He is the manager of the group and has worked as an actor in the early years of Garage. His last performance was Rejected, Next One. Currently, managing Garage’s projects are among his works.

Hani Abdolmajid

Co-Founder and Actor

Born in Tehran/Iran
He started his theatrical activities from …. . He graduated in theatrical arts from …. . He has been in “Rejected, Next One”, “Thus, Now, Moon” as an actor and in “Ants” as the musician. His work in Garage concerns acting, music, and graphics.

Habib Armakan

Financial Manager and Actor

Born in Arak ; 19
He has been with Garage since 2008. as an actor. He is in “Rejected, Next One”, “Thus, Now, Moon” and “Hamlet”.
He is, also, the financial manager of Garage Theater.

Saeed Akbarzadeh

CEO of bak Project and Actor

Born in Qom
A laboratory theater actor who started his work in Now, Thus, Moon with Garage Theater. He went on stage in “Thus, Now, Moon”, “Ants” and “Hamlet”. He is the manager of Bak project in Garage Theater.