This performance is a work of Garage Theater Company in affiliation with First Session team. It was created through three months of practice and research and training. Bak Performance Minus Four is about sleep and illusion and dream; some youngsters who live in Qom talk about sleep and illusion and dream.

Text Dramaturg : Ehsan Ezzati
Director : Ali Masoudi

Performer : Elham Imani, Parsa Khademi, Zahra Khalaj, Mohammad Semnani, Hosein Sadeghi, Mehrdad Salehi, Farzaneh Abdi, Hosein Alemi, Ahmad Taba, Zohreh Kamali, Mahsa Lotfi, Hamid Mohseni, Majid Mohseni, Abdoreza Mallak, Abbas Nosratinia, Hesam Nazari

Bak is an independent artistic event that reviews the work of independent artists and artistic groups with different artistic and ideological approaches and orientations. It is led by Garage Theater Company’s research and production center and in affiliation with First Session team. Bak is a reenactment of an incident, phenomenon, or a memory.
The name “Bak” refers to the fuel tank, the container for flammable fuels. It also brings to mind audacity and fear.
These events pursue two basic purposes: First, a memory is investigated in its reenactment, and second, the audience gets familiar with the barriers and hardships and incidents in other people’s lives.
Garage research team, consulting with “Eugenio Barba” the founder and director of Odin Teatret, publishes each Bak program in the form of a set of research media called “Bak File”. These data include pictures, videos, and texts.
Bak is an event revolving around behavior, daily life, and theater anthropology.