Hamlet” is a laboratory performance and Garage Theater’s latest research into the field of dramatic performance: rewriting Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The first version of this performance was created after one year of practice and rehearsals. Hamlet had its premiere in Qom.
This work is continuously being developed.

Garage’s Hamlet is disturbing the tranquillity, not fearing the unseen, and coping with the fault-finding eyes of the public.

“Fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, attacking, squashing someone’s bones, breathing heavily in the smell of blood…”

In a part of Shakespeare‘s play, Hamlet, regarding plays and the necessity of their existence, says:

Is it not monstrous that players, but in a fiction, in a dream of passion, could force their soul so to their own conceit that from her working all their visage wann’d, tears in their eyes, distraction in their aspect, a broken voice, and their whole function suiting with forms to their conceit? And all for nothing!
The players cannot keep counsel; they’ll tell all.

DIRECTOR : Ali Maosudi
DRAMATURGE: Ehsan Ezzati
ACTORS : Habib Armakan, Saeed Akbarzadeh, Ehsan Ezzati, Mahdi Soleimani