Poetic performanceThus, Now, Moon” is a combination of Li Pu’s poems, the seventeenth century Chinese poet, with the folklore of Momotaro, the biggest of peach boys in Japan.

Thus, Now, Moon was the first experience of Garage in creating a poetic performance, and the first version of it went on stage with six actors.
A poetic performance is a performance that is created based on a poetic text, folklore stories and memories; performing one or more poems or stories or states, which is created through actor’s journey and improvisations in the long rehearsal process.

The initial subject matter of Thus, Now, Moon was the poetic narration of the life and poems of Li Pu and the fable of Momotaro. For the final draft, the writers experimented with a new way of narration: narrating the poetic moments.
Moreover, other developments of this performance with one actor has been performed by Hani Abdolmajid.

Director : Ali Masoudi
Text : Ali Masoudi, Saeed Akbarzadeh
Actor : Hani Abdolmajid, Habib Armakan, Saeed AkbarZadeh, Mahdi Soleimani, Ahmad Taba